I am not a cook


It’s no secret — I love food. I love food A LOT. Like, to the ends of the earth, back, back to the ends, and back again. I’ve even been known to reminisce/drool over a past delicious meal WHILE ENJOYING a scrumptious feast. In our family, if anyone returns from traveling somewhere (anywhere!), it’s pretty much guaranteed that one of the first questions you ask (or get asked) is about the food. Yup, there is no foreseeable end to my appreciation of the eats.

But cooking?

Hmm…that’s another story.

It wasn’t until a box of produce showed up on my doorstep one day that I came face to face with a belief I’ve unconsciously held about myself for some time…

I am so grateful to share my culinary angst & revelations with my friends at Green Earth Organics on their blog this week. Click the link below wherein I dish on “produce anxiety” and meeting your bananas (and your imperfections) right where they are.


***Bonus! Just for you special Calgarian folks, Green Earth Organics Calgary is offering readers of this blog a 10% discount on your first delivery when you sign up for oh-so-convenient (and tasty!) home delivery with GEO! It’s like Christmas in November! Enter “Allison Goundry” in the Promotions Code field when you place your order, and let the home-delivered-grocery fiesta begin!!!


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